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Wildomar Little League Divisions

Any community, anywhere in the world can belong to Little League®. Volunteers are the fabric and substance of the program and those same people make their Little League what they want it to be.

Each year, your local league’s Board of Directors decides what divisions and how many teams it will charter based on the ages and total number of players registered to play.

Children as young as four can begin in Little League Tee Ball. Those same children, with the support of their parents and the league’s leadership, can remain in the program all the way through the age of 16 if the league chooses to charter at least one team in each division.

Tee Ball

All players, parents, and volunteers can begin their Little League experience in Tee Ball. Little League’s Tee Ball program is typically co-ed, There is even a fun and engaging turnkey program specifically created for new parents who want to enter the program with their children as coaches.

Minor Leagues

  • Baseball
  • Ages 5 to 12
  • Divisions may be established for “machine pitch,” “adult pitch” or “player pitch”

Little League® or Major League

  • Ages 8 to 12
  • First level with an international tournament for 11-and 12-year-olds
  • May be structured based on age ranges