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Feb, 2020

Inter-League Rules for Majors Division

A. Field Preparations - Home team is responsible for field preparation, when playing at their
Home Fields, which includes the following if needed:
1. Dragging the field
2. Watering the infield
3. Chalking the field
4. Inspect field for safety purposes prior to the beginning of play.
5. Installing bases & pitching mounds at the required distance per Rule.
***Both Teams are Responsible for Field clean-up which includes the dugouts and respected
bleachers after the game.

A. Game Start: Games times are set per the schedule that has been provided to and approved
by the participating leagues presidents.
1. No team shall start a game without the required 9 players to field the team. Failure to field
the 9 man roster will result in forfeiture of the game by that team.
2. Home team is responsible for providing game balls for each game.
3. Each Team Must Provide a 3 or 4 Part Line-up Completed Prior to the Plate Meeting with
the Umpire. Must include First and Last Names, Jersey # and Position and League Age
for Pitchers .
4. All Bats, Helmets and Catcher's Gear should be lined up outside the dugout on the fence
before Game Start for Umpire Safety Inspection.
B. Scorekeeper: The home team is responsible for providing a scorekeeper. Failure to provide
the needed scorekeeper will result in forfeiture of the game by the home team. Scorekeeper must be
over the age of 16. The league will provide the “Official Division Scorebook”. The scorekeeper must log
the official start time from the umpire in the scorebook.
C. Umpire Assignments:
1. Home league is responsible for providing at least the home plate umpire. Failure to provide
the needed umpire will result in forfeiture of the game by the home team.
2. A Manager who umpires, shall not umpire their own divisions.
3. Junior Umpires require an Adult Coordinator or Adult Umpire at ALL games.
* Finish the Inning regardless if not a complete game.
D. Make-up Games: Games canceled, suspended or called due to weather conditions, field
conditions, lights, Safety, etc. which do not constitute a regulation game (Rule 4.10) may be
rescheduled for replay or completion at the League Presidents and/or District Administrator’s discretion.
Every attempt will be made to reschedule depending on field availability, team schedules, etc.
G. Pledges: The Pledge of Allegiance and Little League Pledge will be recited before All

A. Majors Division
1. Game length: 6 innings
2. Teams must have 9 players to begin the game. There is a Ten minute grace period to
complete the required 9 player roster. Failure to field the 9 man roster will result in
forfeiture of the game by that team.
3. Time Limit: No new inning after 2:00. Inning started must be completed unless the
home team is ahead.
4. Pitching: Player Pitch
5. Batting: 9 man batting order.
6. Rule 6.02 (c) will be enforced: After entering the batter’s box, the batter must remain in
the box with at least one foot throughout the at bat. Exceptions: see rule book.
7. Minimum Play: 1 at bat, six (6) outs.
8. Scoring: Score is kept for all games from the beginning of the season.
9. Mercy Rule : If, after 3 complete innings (2 ½ if “home” team is leading) one team is up
by 15 or more runs OR 4 complete innings (3 ½ if “home” team is leading) one team is
up by 10 or more runs, they shall be declared the winner.

1. Valid Protest: In accordance with Little League Rule 4.19 (a), protests shall be
considered only based on the violation or interpretation of a playing rule, the use of an
ineligible pitcher, or the use of an ineligible player. No protest shall be considered on a
decision involving an umpire’s judgment.
2. Right to Protest: In accordance with Little League Rule 4.19(b), only the managers (or in
the manager's’ absence, the coaches) of contesting team have the right to protest or to
speak with an umpire during a game, time out shall be called and the Manager for the
other team will be included in the conversation.
1. Protests will be addressed, ruled upon and decided by a committee made up of the
League Presidents and District Administrator

1. Ejections shall be handled in accordance to the Little League Rule 4.07
2. Any person who is ejected from a game by an umpire or league official shall immediately vacate
the field and is subsequently not allowed at the next scheduled game ( home or away).
3. Any manager or coach who is ejected from a game regardless of reason shall not be
eligible to manage or coach at the upcoming D28 All Star tournaments.

Revised 2.11.20

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